Friday, January 4, 2008


I have seen some blogs out there that say SLIIT is not upto the standard and SLIIT students have difficulty finding jobs. Here is my view on that.

First I must say that SLIIT course covers all you need to know about IT and more, after the 3rd year you will be a all rounder. In the 4th year you can master a specific area of your choice. you can goto the SLIIT website and see the course content.

So is there a problem finding jobs??? yes and no

I cannot speak for the people who did not do their studies well, but I know there are lot of good and talented people out there in SLIIT.

I heard people been accused in interviews just because they are from SLIIT, even before starting the interview. most companies have people from Morotuwa and they think they are the best, when those people(Not all)interview others they only like to see Morotuwa students come through.
Students in Morotuwa are the best in our schools, but the system they got through to universities is another story, they only know how to study without doing a single sport competitively in their life. so how come they learn how to win and loose?? they will behave in interviews just like I said till they die. (I'm not talking about all, I personally know really good people from Morotuwa.) the same apply to other government universities as well.

I agree, because of students who have not done their studies hard, will goto companies and leave a black mark in all SLIIT students, but companies should have a brain not to judge all students only by few individual performances.

Good Luck To All
Jaya Wewa

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