Thursday, February 6, 2014

HD 7750 cypto coin mining experience

HD 7750 is a entry level card for mining any kind of coin. suitable for casual mining while you do other stuff in the pc. I mine Feathercoin (FTC) as it has a very low difficulty but I think Litecoin will give the same return when converted to Bitcoins. I get around 2.5FTC per day with pool.

My HD 7750 punch 134 khash/s on Intensity level of 13 in GUIminer-scrypt
GPU clock increased to 825MHz (core speed 800)
Memory clock speed decreased to 700Mhz to reduce temperature. you can change card settings using amd catalyst control center.

It can easily go over 150 Khash/s with more GPU overclocking and increasing the intensity level. I haven't tried to push the card that far since increase core speed make temperature go over the roof.

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