Wednesday, October 17, 2007

SLIIT : Sample answers for curtin students

What is .NET assembly?
It assembles multiple physical files, into a single deployment, versioning and security logical unit.

How does a java deploy java packages?

How does .NET deploys its namespace?
.dll and .exe

What is the purpose of a component?
A software component is a system element offering a predefined service and able to communicate with other components.

Reasons to use Components?
Growing number of (freely) available libraries and programs worth to be
Exchangeable software units
Support of distributed parallel run time systems
Avoids linkage of may be incompatible libraries
Longer lifetime of implementations

State two advantages JAVA has over C#
Fully cross platform APIs including support for Graphics, Windowing and Multimedia.
LOTS AND LOTS of libraries available. Many are free and/or open source.

State two advantages C# over JAVA
The best way to write Windows desktop and web applications
The CLR is well designed and arguably better than the JVM
Good support for taking advantage of the native OS

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