Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to choose from Curtin Vs SLIIT Degree (Curtin SLIIT)

You are going to 3rd year and wondering which path to choose from Curtin Vs SLIIT degree??
Here are some tips from my personal experiences.

Curtin degree is not that hard than most people say, I also did the Curtin degree and passed all subjects without repeating a single exam.

Benefits of Curtin degree,
1) You have to do 4 subjects but SLIIT degree has 5.
2) Degree is recognized all around the world.
3) you get a degree in 3 years.
4) you can do the 4th year as well for double degree.

Bad side of Curtin degree,
1) Expensive than SLIIT degree.
2) Repeat is also expensive.
3) Exam papers are created by Curtin
4) Since repeats are expensive the pressure in exams is much more than SLIIT degree.

Good Luck

If you like to learn more about SLIIT please visit www.sliit.lk

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  1. Because of the money involved Curtin students are under more pressure. Other than that no big difference in both the degress.

  2. Curtin is not for people who cant work really hard n smart.. one semester is full of theory and the next is full of practicals. just for those who need an idea, an assignment of one subject(SPDC) is equal or harder than a 2nd year sliit group project! im not discouraging! if you dare to take the challenge the reward is so much