Friday, November 28, 2008

Ruby on Rails quick guide with InstantRails

Lets get started quickly on Ruby on Rails basics with InstantRails, First we'll see how to add a new Rails application using InstantRails ruby console.

1) Start up your InstantRails.

2) Right Click the InstantRails system tray icon and goto Rails Applications -> Open Ruby Console Window

3)you will be in rails_apps folder(default) in the command line.

4)type rails my_new_site on the command line

This will create a new my_new_site rails application inside the rails_apps folder, all the files needed will be created for you as well, just navigate to your rails_apps folder and view newly created my_new_site folder.

5) now lets start our web server to run our newly created RoR application using the command line

6) type cd my_new_site (change directory to my_new_site)

7) type ruby script\server
Now your web server is started and you can run your new application.

8) open a browser and type http://localhost:3000/ in the navigation bar.

To learn how to install InstantRails click here

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