Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to install Ruby on Rails - Instant Rails - All in one Package

If you are going to learn Ruby on Rails (RoR), Instant rails will make your RoR installation much more easier, like WAMP Server for php, Instant Rails is all in one package containing Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL. All the things have been configured for you that you only need download and unzip the Instant Rail folder to your C: drive.

1) Download Instant Rails from here Download the latest zip file ( when I write this)

2)Unzip the Instant Rail into C:\InstantRails

3)Double click the InstantRails.exe (Icon with big red I)

4)Now InstantRails system tray icon will run on you Taskbar

5)To see if all went well, Right Click the InstantRails system tray icon and goto Rails Applications -> Open Ruby Console Window

6)Type ruby --version in the opened command line window, then you will get the installed ruby version.

OK that's it. In my next blog post I will cover some basics when working with InstantRails for your RoR development.

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