Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SLIIT : Saddest Day Of My SLIIT Life

Today is the saddest day of my SLIIT life.
Curtin CC 2nd midterm marks were given to students and I missed it, because I was late when I saw it in the courseweb.
The sad part of it is that all other students went to that and no one even bothered to call me or my GF when we were missing :-(
I know it's not their fault but I feel really sad about it.
Today I learned one of the best lessons in my life, Yes you guessed it right.

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  1. Dear folk,
    Same for me also.I missed SETM marks also because I didnt aware about it. Checked courseweb in the same day,but forgot to visit SETM forum.:-(. It was too late when I get to knw abot marks distribution(at abot 3.30pm) and I messaged 3 guys whome i believed friends, saying SETM marks has distrributed. But believe me, all those three were aware about it and they were not smart enough to atleast reply thanking for my msg. I met one of them at the campus when i go in the afternoon and said "Sorry machan..." cool hah? But I didnt feel sad bcz i hav experienced these kind of frienships so many times....