Friday, August 31, 2007

For SLIIT Students : Before a Interview

Here are some good tips to do well in a interview.
These tips are from my personal experiences, learn from my mistakes.

1) Dress well. (Blue is good)

2) Do some IQ question to sharpen your IQ score.

3) Human resource manager will ask you to tell about your self, so be ready for that with at least 8 points (ex: you got a diploma/degree, experience, leadership etc..)

4) Learn facts about the company (at least 5 points).

5) Brush up your knowledge in :
OO Concepts.
Algorithms like, how to check a Prime Number, Fibonacci, Factorial, Sort, Search.
Learn how to validate Fields.
Remember that using Error Logs you can recover from crashes.

6) Never lie about your skill. you will get caught.

7) Engineering manager will ask about projects you done. so prepare well for do a good description of your projects.

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