Saturday, August 4, 2007

SLIIT : How to get a Scholarships - part 2

This post is specially for Newcomers and First year students @ SLIIT

Year 1 - Semester 2

Software Technology (ST)
All about data structures, Sorting, Searching, Stacks, Queues.
Really easy if you go to practicals.
Make sure you get the basic stuff like Stacks, Queues and Link List correct, they are the easiest to score.
Searching - easy if you done your IPE right.
Sorting is the only part which is bit tricky, you need to memorize all the algorithms.

Data Communications & Computer Networks I (DCN I)
Really easy from the book, do some past papers.

Database Mgmt.Systems I (Oracle/SQL server) (DBMS I)
DBMS will never get this easy, So score while you can.
Basic sql stuff, if you need help go here
Do past papers.

Foundations of Computer Science (FCS)
A maths subject,
I had good friends who pulled me out of this subject. :)
Do past past papers, it's the only way(practice).

Internet Technology and Applications (ITA)
Very easy subject with basic HTML stuff, java scripts, A bit ASP, and e-commerce.
Do your practicals.
Do some past papers.
(This subject is very important in your future studies, I will make a separate Post about it later)

Always remember to complete your Tutes, you get direct questions from them.
To get more info goto How to get a Scholarships - part 1

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