Thursday, August 2, 2007

SLIIT : Attention First Year Students - 1 semester

This post is specially for Newcomers and First year students @ SLIIT

Don't be lazy in your first year, it's the easiest year you will get a Scholarships full or partial according to Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or more out of 4.0
Full Scholarships - 3.8
Half Scholarships - 3.5

Getting a Scholarships is really easy than you think, I was too lazy and missed my chance :(

Here are the secrets:

1) Do your midterm really well.

2) Let' see what we got in Year 1,
    Semester 1 Subjects

Introduction to Programming Environments (C++ / UNIX) - IPE
This subject is really important for your future studies.
Get the basics right and you'll be a great programmer in later years.
Never cut practicals for this subject - I mean never never

Information Systems - IS
From the book.
Really easy.
Do some past papers and you'll be fine.

Computer Fundamentals - CF
From the book.
Get the binary, memory and gates stuff right.
Do past papers.

Mathematics for Information Technology - MIT
The pattern is always the same, practice some past papers (if you have done maths in A/L, this would really easy)

Technical Communication - TC
Easiest of all subject, If you have a sound knowledge in English you'll be fine.

3) Do at least 3 years of past paper before the exam.

4) Teach your friends about what you know.

If you need more help on subjects please feel free to send me a mail to

Good Luck

Tomorrow I will discus about year 1 - semester 2

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  1. Thankx lot machan.mama matha nemei ne kale A/L eenisaa matha nam eneida danne ne..anith wath tika tika case thiyenawa....your advices are more helpful to us! Thanks indeed.. machan oya IPE online xams gena thered ekak daanna..eekath api lab eke karana xam wageemada?

  2. Hi Machan

    DO u have any past papers